Eligibility for exemption in the registration fee

Article 1

20% of the registrations in the event will be exempt of fees accordingly to the criteria previously determined by the organizing committee.

I. In the first year of this program (2020), 10% of the registrations will be exempt.

II. The percentage of exempt registrations will increase by 5% each edition of the event until it reaches 20%, as stated in the statute.

Article 2

The criteria defined by the committee is the following:

I. Students of public universities that fall under the “lei de cotas” of their institutions.

II. Students of private universities that are part of governmental programs of financial aid.

III. Students of private universities that have scholarships based on family income

Article 3

In case the participant falls under any of the previous criteria, (s)he will have no registration fee until the limited spaces are full.

I. One third of the exempt applications will be allocated to presenters and two thirds to listeners.

II. The participant must forward to, for the analyses of the committee, any and all documents that prove they fall under any of the criteria stated above.

Article 4

The requests for registration fee exemption will be analyzed by the committee individually.

I. The committee has a maximum period of one (1) week to analyze the request and return the result to the participant.

II. All participants that have their request denied will have one (1) week, from the day they are sent the reply, to formally send an appeal to the organizing committee.

III. The appeal will be judged, and the result will be informed in a maximum period of three (3) days.

Article 5

The requests will be analyzed in the order they are submitted until there is no more vacancy in this program.

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